As a Service Provider to MachMan, we interact with them regularly, and WE LOVE MachMan. It is a great forward-thinking company with an awesome future who genuinely care about the development of their employees. In our professional opinion, that makes them the preferred employer for any job seeker in their industry. They are a fun-loving bunch of characters that really, genuinely love each other (mostly) and work well with each other. They operate as a well-oiled “familia” unit and have a laser sharp focus on customer satisfaction and innovation.

Chanelle de Kock and Ruzinha Shah

We are greatly privileged to work with Machman. With their amazing skills and talent, you may think they are more machine than man, but be assured that they have hearts of gold. Thank you for trusting Elementary Bookkeeping with the most instrumental part of your business. From a finance perspective, clients can rest assured that, not only are their processes and procedures actioned using best practice methods, but they also take special care in looking after their employees

Rayghana Daniels

The Missing Piece business coaching are proud partners of Machman. We have partnered with them for over a year. Machman are a really dynamic, customer focussed, forward thinking organisation. Unrivalled food packaging solutions that are backed up by an excellent team, culture and DNA. We are proud of our association.

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Ian Mizon