HVACR is an acronym used in industry to describe Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration systems installed into commercial and residential properties.

Heating – All types of air and liquid heating systems.

Ventilation – Supplying fresh air and extraction systems for all types of environment.

Air Conditioning – Commercial and industrial air conditioning, ranging from single split units to roof top package (shopping centers, warehouses, etc.)

Refrigeration – Commercial and industrial, walk-in cold rooms and freezers. Free standing and high back retail fridges and water cooled chiller systems.

MachMan will assess, install, maintain and repair such systems, new and  existing.

MachMan offers monthly maintenance retainers to business with the aim to perform weekly or monthly maintenance, scheduled in consultation with clients. This reduces expensive call-outs and inconvenient break downs that can compromise the integrity of expensive product that requires consistent regulated temperature storage.

Contact Luke at MachMan to schedule a consultation and assessment of your equipment. We will, based on the findings, quote on the monthly requirement to maintain your HVACR equipment. In addition, we will keep a logbook on all maintenance done, forward regular reports on possible areas that will require attention in the near future as well as quotes and possible scheduling of the work.