Machine Sales

Machine sales – specialising in packaging for the food and allied industries – is an important link in MachMan’s comprehensive engineering solutions chain. This includes all aspects of importation i.e. shipping, foreign exchange, customs, insurance, etc. up to commissioning and training on new machines. Ivan Michaels, our Business Development Manager would be able to assist you. Please mail us to find out more.

MachMan is the exclusive distributor and service agent of IMC machines and parts in the Western Cape. Contact MachMan regarding the extensive range of IMC packaging, and other related machines. On occasion, MachMan commissions and services other IMC machines nationwide and in African countries like Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, etc. Below, a short introduction by IMC itself.

IMC wishes to take this opportunity to introduce itself as a manufacturer of Packaging Machines.

IMC machines are designed by South Africans for African conditions. We understand that we are thousands of kilometers from the original source of most equipment manufactures and we therefore design our machines with replacement spares and parts that are locally available when feasible.

With our factory located in Mainland China, we are ideally positioned to supply you with all your packaging machine requirements at highly competitive prices and quality.

We are an international packaging machine manufacturer with our head office in Tianjin, China. This is where we manufacture our machines. We export our machines to 52 different countries around the world and therefore have great pleasure in also offering these quality machines into South Africa. Visit  for more information on our extensive range.