Turnkey Solutions

Machman offer clients total turnkey solutions. This is where Machman completely acts as your business partner and runs your project from conception right through to completion. Imagine us as being your business project partner.

This process starts by assessing and agreeing on the key deliverables and outcomes your business requires. Whether this results from your business expanding, launching of new product lines, relocating, etc. Our initial free consultation enables us to understand the exact ‘end game’ that you are looking for. After this, you can outsource your entire project to Machman.

We understand that any project requires perfect delivery at every stage. This is why Machman will fully design, construct, equip, manage and implement your project right up to final hand-over leaving you, our customer, to merely ‘turn the key’ and make the project their own.

To enquire regarding our turnkey solutions, click here to contact Ivan Michaels, Business Development Manager: ivan@machman.co.za