MMC006A – Filling Line Linear 4 Head with (Filler)

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Product Description

MMC006A – Filling Line Linear 4 Head with (Filler)

This filling machine is used for various viscous food products in a linear setup. In-Line 4 head Filling machine for liquids/Pastes such as food type products. Safety systems such as no bottle no fill are incorporated.

Machine Parameters

The filling operation is achieved using either a volumetric cup discharge system in the case of granules or a high accuracy volumetric pump in the case of liquids or pastes. For powders, we use an augur screw system designed precisely for the powder requiring filling.

The operation of the machine is controlled via a computerized operator interface. All the machine parameters are set through this interface. Bag length can be automatically controlled via a film registration eye. Precise bag length and registered cutting is assured.

The machine has an electronic speed controller and as such speed control is precise. The machine is manufactured from a combination of materials that are suited to the operation design i.e.: Aluminium, stainless steel and engineering plastics. Sealed bearings are incorporated in the jaw assembly and no lubrication is required.

Model Variations

MMC006A Standard MMC Model

  • Stainless steel outer frame
  • Nickel-plated internal gear system
  • High-temperature bearings used on all sealing rollers
  • Roller tension control using temperature resistant knobs
  • High-quality door hinges and locks
  • Electronic speed control
  • Remote operator panel for easy operator setting
  • Electrical panel with easy swing open access
  • Main film handling carriage with film drive and double mounting
  • Parameter setting screen


  • This filling machine is used for various viscous food products in a linear setup.
  • The filling machine is comprised of 4 diving nozzles, 4 positive shuts off filling nozzles, 4 rotary switch over valves, 4 volumetric pistons, 1 header tank of 250L.
  • The filling machine is separated into two units for easy placement of the machine and easy operator orientation.
  • The nozzle assemble has a built-in neck guide and clamping unit for the precise nozzle to bottle line-up.
  • Diary fittings are used exclusively throughout the machine for easy disassembly during the deep cleaning.
  • The nozzles can be fitted with CIP caps to facilitate CIP cleaning systems.
  • The volumetric pistons are separately housed for easy disassembly and volumetric changeovers.
  • Each piston cylinder can be micro adjusted with a macro adjustment affecting all cylinders.
  • Very high accuracy is achieved due to propriety switch over valves being used.
  • Volumetric pistons are driven by pneumatic cylinder and speed control is possible for different products.
  • The volumetric control is achieved by micro non contact switches on the main diving beam.
  • The part contacting materials is made of 316L stainless steel. The majority of the machine for non contact parts is 304ss.
  • Use of photoelectric sensors for bottle in-feed and out-feed, the bottles are counted into the nozzle area and counted out, bottles that fall over are seen as a fault and the machine will not try to fill.
  • Safety systems such as no bottle no fill are incorporated.
  • PLC touch screen is incorporated and full operation of all parameters are controlled from this interface for convenient operation.
  • Filling Speed: 20-80 bottles/min (product, volume and bottle stability dependant).

Machine Specifications









220/110V 50/60Hz




* Please Note:- machine packing speeds may differ to the actual machine speed due to raw materials flowability.