MMC006C – Filling Line Linear 4 Head with (CIP)

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Product Description

MMC006C – Filling Line Linear 4 Head with (CIP)

This portable CIP trolley was designed to facilitate portable CIP cleaning of fillers, tanks, and systems. The interconnection of the various systems will allow for correct in-process cleaning.


The theroy behind the CIP cleaning of our filling machines is that the filling machines nozzles will be fitted with CIP nozzle cups. These nozzle cups will be connected to the trolley. The trolley will be filled with the first of the cleaning cycle substances and then the operation will begin. The trolley is equipped with a high pressure pump and as the filling machine cycles so the filling machine will be cleaned in process. To complete a correct CIP cycle according to the “standard operation standards” of each organization the correct cleaning fluid and time will need to be adheared too.

The trolley is fitted with wheels to allow for easy movement. The fluids can be drained from the trolley by an easy to operate drain valve situated at the lowest point on the container. The trolley is equipped with all the valves and controls to make it a stand alone CIP system.

Machine Data


Fill volume


Material of construction

Gross weight






Heated Tank

Portable CIP system


1.5kw 7 bar

304 stainless steel


1 50mm dairy fitting

By requirement

1100mm(L) * 400mm(W) * 700mm(H)


AC 1¢220V