MMC114 – Pre-Made Pouch Packaging machine Machine

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Product Description

MMC114 – Pre-Made Pouch Packaging machine

The sealing style is straight strip; sealing width is 10mm -15mm and can be adjusted slightly. Open pouches by vacuum.

Product characteristics and packaging material requirements

A: Filling weight max: Max.500g

B: Pouch style : Flat pouch strong enough for the machine

The following requirements for pre-made pouches should be met

  • No static electricity on the pouch.
  • Pouches mustn’t be stuck together because of print problems etc, and the pouches must be even and smooth.
  • The pouch width error must be less than ±1.5mm,The pouch length error must be under ±2.0mm。
  • Pouch’s sides should be even and straight,and the angle between two sides of adjacent form a right angle, and either end of the pouch must be sealed well.
  • Each pouch must have the same thickness and same hardness, and pouch must be even and there’s no wrinkle or bend.
  • The filling material in the pouch should be at least 30mm below the point where the machine claws are settled on the pouch for the pouch sealed well.


The required size of pouch

Packaging speed

Power supply

Power consumption

Machine weight

Compressed air

Noise from running machine

Width 100~200㎜,length 100~300㎜-it can be adjusted in this range

bout 15-30 pouches/minute -The speed will vary with the packaging weight and the product characteristics and pouch characteristics.

AC380V±10%、3- phase 50Hz

about 2.5kw

about 1600kg

about 5~8kgf/cm²,0.4m³/min

within 75db(out of the radius of 1m)

The machine is WITHOUT printer. The sealing style is straight strip; sealing width is 10mm -15mm and can be adjusted slightly. Open pouches by vacuum. A device, with this machine, is against sealing vacant pouches to make sure that if there is no fill, there will be no seal. The packaging machine can control the movement of the drop of materials freely to avoid waste of materials. (Operator product placement) The packaging machine will be equipped with safety doors, which are made of transparent Plexiglas. The machine opens the pouch at diameter about 45mm if the pouch width is 100mm.



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